Sunday, December 21, 2008

Her Eyes, Her Words, My Response

10 nice things about me

Rachel Amaris Elliott

Well I’m not usually asked to list nice things about myself so some of these may be out of desperation.  As you already know I have low self esteem so this may prove to be difficult.  Anywho here I go.  Ok well I can sing well or so I’m told.  I am a generally nice person.  I am easy to get along with.  I have relatively good pen man ship.  I have decent fashion sense…providing that I had time to try on 50 million different outfits.  So I’m half way there.  Just five more!  I know how to save my money and spend it well.  A lot of people trust me with secrets.  I guess along with that goes a lot of people trust me.  I generally know how to act in different situations and I guess that calls for a certain amount of maturity.  I have a younger brother and I think that I am a pretty cool sister to have.  We have a really great amount of understanding and if you can believe it we rarely fight.  Ok for the last one ill go for something physical.  I love my eyes.  No one can tell me just what color they are.  There, there is 10 god things about me!  Self esteem:



for RAE 5/24/08

Your eyes:

your eyes were two beautiful

jewels which colored the world.

The world is not the same

without you. Now

everything looks different. Everything


and nothing is clear.

Steven Elliott

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